...with uninhibited fingers for the unfathomable...

In the words of Mat Blackwell:
it's quite clearly an alchemical journey of enlightenment, referencing esoteric and occult practises,
and unifying the cerebral intention of enlightenment with the visceral practise of actual enlightenment...
it's the battle between the intellect and the body... esoteric warfare between two forces who ultimately need to be united...
the skinless mickeymouse armada represent the fleshless intellect; the handpeople and skinless anatomyfolk represent the corporeal...
and there are travellers, pioneers in this world, who seek a path between the dichotomy... it's all very fascinating.
crowley tamed and ridden... is it tweedledum or tweedledee (the foolishness of binary systems!)...
the stars unzipped... the realm of meat... the fork-arrow-armed cupids...
the batwinged illuminati eye... lilith the mother of monsters... the cloned baby on fire - victim or saviour?
- the sphinx of lust... the false dichotomy of yin and yang! ...the beginning is the end...
eternity in one direction, nothingness in the other...
cut up the present and the THIRD MIND leaks in to our world!

This is an exquisite corpse game between Australian artists
Mat Blackwell and XTIAN, began in 2009 and continuing until ... 'forever'.
The 'exquisite corpse' is a surrealist game whereby an image
is created by one player, who then passes the end of his/ her piece onto
the next player. Using this as the only clue to Player 1's image,
the person then attempts to continue the image. When ready, he/ she
passes the last portion to the next player - or back to Player 1 if there's
only two of them. Thus, an unpredictable image is born, one which may (or may not)
reveal interesting links between the players' minds.
Usually the game has a set number of turns, a theme, or is limited to a sheet of paper.

Our game has no limit -

except for death, blindness, alien abduction (again), etc.

We aim to make our collage infinite, or at least come close to it.
The game began on February, 2009. When will it end?
How long will the final piece be?
At the end of the first year, the image was over 20 metres long...

As of Dec. 2013, the image is over 60m long.


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Fictional Eel Gin
Coating Lifeline
Eagle Infliction
Agile Inflection
Failing Election
Ace Elfin Toiling
Gilt Loin Fiancee
Antigenic Elf Oil
Ol' Angelic Finite
I, Congenital Life
Glace Finite Lion
Legit Foil Canine
Ill Genie Faction
Lace Elf Ignition
Acne Fileting Oil
Lint Logician Fee
I.T. Conga Lifeline
Lenient Cilia Fog
Inaction Life Gel
Coital Eel Fining
Nice Foliage Lint
Foetal Icing Line
Gelatine Coil Fin
Alien Leg Fiction
Infinite Ego-call


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